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Legal Adviser for the Administration of Justice I am a Legal Adviser for the Administration of Justice

Through the various presentations of subastasprocuradores.com that we have made both at the Bar Associations and at the courts, we have been able to confirm how well received this technological tool has been by members of the Administration of Justice. Not only because, for certain procedures, it is more effective than the judicial auction, but also because it causes an enormous workload reduction in the judicial offices.

Realisation through subastasprocuradores.com is an alternative and complementary procedure to the judicial auction, which aims to add, in those procedures where it is feasible to apply this alternative realisation formula.

They are responsible for presiding over the appearance required by the LEC in order to designate a Bar Association or the General Council of Procurators as a specialised body. The Legal Officer for the Administration of Justice shall ensure that the rights of the parties to the proceedings remain intact.

And in line with this function, our legal department will always propose to the parties to the procedure particular conditions of implementation adapted to each procedure.

Art. 636 of the LEC, places this means of realisation before the judicial auction. It is an alternative means of realisation which, if properly used, becomes a faster and more efficient means of realisation, which provides full legal certainty and which makes it possible to lighten the court's workload.

Practically in all procedures where goods have to be produced in one way or another:

   -  Money enforcement and foreclosures
   -  Procesos de división de la cosa común y demás procesos civiles
   -  Voluntary jurisdiction proceedings
   -  Criminal proceedings Money enforcement and foreclosures
   -  In addition, this system of extra-judicial realisation could be used in labour proceedings.
   -  Also in administrative enforcement proceedings

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