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Are you managing a legal proceeding in which an asset is to be realised? We can offer you an alternative procedure to the traditional auction system that does not increase costs and allows you to remain in control throughout the process.

We will advise you on the preparation of pleadings for any kind of proceedings, relieving you of your workload. In practically all proceedings where in one way or another an asset has to be realised, you can have it realised by a specialised entity by means of subastasprocuradores.com:

   -  Money enforcement and foreclosures
   -  Proceedings for the division of common property and other civil proceedings
   -  Voluntary jurisdiction proceedings
   -  Criminal proceedings Money enforcement and foreclosures
   -  In addition, this system of extra-judicial realisation could be used in labour proceedings.
   -  Also in administrative enforcement proceedings

You can raise it both in the initial statement of claim and at a later stage, even before having paid the fee if you have applied for the judicial auction. And not only if you are the executing party, but also if you are defending the interests of the executed party you can raise the realisation through subastasprocuradores.com.

We don't want to waste your time or make you waste it, that's why we offer you to analyse the situation of your procedure and propose an effective solution. Together we will achieve better results.

It is a process that has the same validity as if it were a judicial auction, and even takes precedence over the judicial auction in the LEC. The interests of the parties will always be guaranteed, and therefore, unless there is an agreement between them, real estate can never be sold for less than 70% of its appraised value, and movable property for less than 50% of its appraised value. If you wish, our experts in the planning of extrajudicial auctions will advise you on the viability of this type of procedure before you file any documents with the court.

Because we will always advise you on what is best for the success of your proceedings. Because we will provide you with all the forms of pleadings to be presented in court, and we will even accompany you to court appearances if you need us to do so. Because we have the technical, legal and commercial means to achieve the maximum possible dissemination of the disposal process, guaranteeing transparency and legal security throughout the process.

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