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Investment funds I am a Financial institution or Investment fund.

Are you a creditor of any procedure? Have you acquired any loan portfolio?

In recent years, financial institutions and investment funds have been accumulating a large volume of foreclosure proceedings arising from the crisis.

Finding buyers for the properties that are awarded is a major operational effort and economic problem that can sometimes affect the expected profitability.

On the other hand, the adjudication of properties through the courts is not an easy task either, due to the collapse of some courts, and the lack of initiative of the entities in seeking alternative solutions to nip this undesirable situation in the bud.

Finally, even potential purchasers of assets subject to judicial proceedings have difficulties in how to monetize the assets that are awarded.

We attorneys have a possible solution to all these drawbacks, an alternative auction model that is applied in enforcement proceedings.

And all this is achieved through a perfect combination that consists of applying new technologies and the high professional qualification of the group of attorneys to the current legislation.

We provide solutions to the traditional model of managing judicial enforcement proceedings.

We know your concerns better than anyone, we are the 21st century alternative to the judicial auction of your proceedings.

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