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Insolvency administrator I am an Insolvency administrator

Do you want to draw up a liquidation plan that takes into account all the phases of liquidation allowed by current case law?

Are you an insolvency administrator in a proceeding where all proposed liquidation methods have been exhausted?

At subastasprocuradores.com you will find the advice you need.

In setting out a liquidation process in a public, transparent and agile manner, and in trying to unblock a bankruptcy with an exhausted liquidation plan, which has proved unsuccessful. We will help you in the preparation of all types of documents: Liquidation Plan, reply to appeals and/or allegations, preparation of sale or auction rules adapted to the needs of your procedure, communication of the result of the sale and/or auction and request for the lifting of liens or encumbrances that may weigh on the assets, among others. In addition, our adjudication department will coordinate the formalisation of the adjudication between the different parties involved.

We offer you a public, competitive and guaranteeing sale and/or auction procedure, where all those who are interested in bidding or bidding will know in an unequivocal way the rules that govern each of the processes of realisation, giving the opportunity to all those who are interested in participating in any of our processes of realisation to be able to do it in equal conditions.

Notarially recorded sales and/or auctions, user registration through digital certificate, or time stamp of the National Mint which accredits the veracity of the bids or offers that are registered through subastasprocuradores.com, are some of the advantages you will find when you count on us to manage the settlement of your tenders.

It will depend on the procedural stage of your competition. In any case, with subastasprocuradores.com, you will control the execution deadlines of the direct sales and auction phases.

Because we provide you with a team of professionals who will accompany you throughout the entire process, from the application to the actual award of the property to the buyer. Because we guarantee a public and competitive process. Because the effectiveness of our auction process is on a par with that of a judicial auction. Because by outsourcing the disposal process through subastasprocuradores.com, we lighten your workload and that of the court.

We have an adjudication department which will draw up, or request that it be drawn up at the notary's office, drafts of the deeds of sale or adjudication, and will review them to ensure that they are in accordance with the conditions indicated in the judicially approved Liquidation Plan and the conditions of the sale or auction, will send them to the parties and will coordinate the signing with the notary's office.

In short, all you have to do is indicate the dates on which you are available to sign, bring the documents to the signing that we will indicate to you after consulting the notary's office and go to the notary's office to sign.

The legal department of subastasprocuradores.com we will contact both you and the successful bidder to inform you of the outcome of the auction and indicate the steps to be taken, taking into account the conditions of the approved Settlement Plan and the conditions of the auction.

Leave us your details and we contact you in less than 24 hours